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Earthly Prejudices, 2024

photo Sea-Water Amplification (SWA) Azores, Atlantic Ocean 2024

The extent of the sentient capacities of ocean organisms should lead us to consider how much our own sensory processes are weighed down relative to other parts of the world. Earthly contexts are only one environment for cognition. Thinking in an oceanic or other marine-aquatic environment could develop quite differently. Our experience resides, or rather survives, predominantly on the surface of the earth (or on the surface of a ship or other vessel). This habit then leads us to consider the ways in which Earthly bias shapes our thinking.

The environment is actively immersing itself in us. (Journal entry)

Saturation occurs when the specificity of the environment is opened to the peculiarities of another environment. How to think through water? The ocean as a thought environment, rather than an object of analysis, forms the basis of my thinking, my research, but also my personal practice. Any water level can cause sensory – sensory alienation, because our bodies are not isolated vessels, they are permeable. They allow us to think about porosity and leakage.

Our bodies are not isolated containers, they are permeable, and therefore any water level can cause sensory alienation. (Journal entry)

photo Sea-Water Amplification (SWA) Azores, Atlantic Ocean 2024


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