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Several new works will be presented in the collective exhibition I will take you to places you have never been…

photo Sea-Water Amplification (SWA) Praia de Sul, Portugal 2021

Several new works, which were created between the years 2020 – 24, will be presented as part of a collective exhibition called I’ll Take You to Places You’ve Never Been. The exhibition will take place in Brno’s Offformat Gallery.

The theme of the exhibition I’ll Take You to Places You’ve Never Been is educational-oriented projects initiated from the art environment and focusing on finding new relationships with planet Earth and all its inhabitants. Like the already realized presentations Vítání jara (2022) or Tep krajiny (2021), this one will also pass through time and we will encounter older activities (Bohemiae Rosa: Miloš Šejn, Pilgrim: Jiří Zemánek and Tomáš Hrůza…) as well as contemporary projects (AB HPP: Aleš Čermák, Agronauts*Collective: Hana Magdoňová…). They reflect transformations and different shades of artistic, environmental and pedagogical discourses, explore the ways of their cooperation and above all show the courage to change and the desire to share.

Curator: Ondřej Navrátil

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