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Sea-Water Amplification Wet Laboratory 2024

photos Sea-Water Amplification (SWA) Azores 2023

Listening to the wind, the ocean and each other

It’s not just about seeing, but also, and above all, about bigger and more sensitive perceptions, about listening. The Sea-Water Amplification-Wet-Lab also prides itself on different ways and approaches to how we are able to collect (not just ocean) knowledge, how we are able to pass that knowledge on to each other and/or deliver it. How we receive and explore knowledge and also preserve it. The Sea-Water Amplification-Wet-Lab is all about exploration (about the process) more than discovery (about the product).

photos Sea-Water Amplification (SWA) Azores 2024

We deliberately focus not only on human entities, but also on the involvement of ancestors, stories, oceans, rivers, currents, valleys, winds and stars, which represent and form an inherent part of life and form from my perspective a certain complexity, which I call the seascape epistemology.

In this context, the seascape epistemiology is not understood as a critique and understanding of the oceans or other marine-aquatic environments, but it also encompasses a multitude of events and ideas that are organized and shaped as they move and interact with each other. They emphasize the recognition of our own perspective, modes of perception and positioning in a dynamic, constantly moving interface. Multiple ocean transformations are perceived and explored on many levels and in many different ways (ocean literacy, wild swimming, ocean paddling, freediving, sailing art&research residency program, workshops, writing, and others), each of which mobilizes specific knowledge and refers to different conceptual frameworks, different ideas, tools, and means.

photos Sea-Water Amplification (SWA) Azores 2024

The seascape epistemiology explores how diverse the representational processes that make up the world are and seeks to deepen them constantly. We believe that this concept is valuable beyond the literal place, i.e. the ocean environment.

During the first half of 2024, we will continue to inform you about activities that are or will be taking place within the Sea-Water Amplification Wet Laboratory.






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